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Archive for October, 2013

Top Brands in Replacement Wheelchair Batteries

Top Brands in Replacement Wheelchair Batteries Let’s face it without the right battery you aren’t going anywhere. High-Tech Battery Solutions knows a thing a two about products that keep the wheels turning. The world of batteries is confusing. Let us help you pinpoint the movers and shakers when it comes to powering your chair. What You Want in a Battery You want to buy a quality battery product that will work effectively and efficiently while providing a long-shelf life. Some key features to watch for include: Absorbent Glass Mate technology Valve regulated spill proof construction for safe use Rugged case and cover Certification for a variety of transportation venues U.L recognition CE certification Amigo If you are riding around in the Amigo 12260 wheelchair, you need on 12V 26AH sealed lead acid battery. No problem, High-Tech Battery Solution’s offers a

Replacement Battery Applications: Power Wheels Batteries

Replacement Battery Applications: Power Wheels Batteries Has your child’s Power Wheels ride gone from Vroom-Vroom to Putt-Putt? Power up their motorized mini car, truck, and SUV for less at High-Tech Battery Solutions. Check out our competitive pricing on Power Wheels 12-volt batteries, Power Wheels 6-volts batteries, and Power Wheels chargers for the most sought-after child-operated toy vehicles on the market. If the wheels on your child’s bubble gum pink mustang have stopped spinning, put them back in the driver’s seat. Find the brand new Fisher-Price original equipment manufacturer (OEM) 12-volt 9.5 amp hours Barbie Ford Mustang Power Wheels Battery. If your child prefers 4-wheeling off the beaten path but their small-scale SUV is out of juice, get them off-roading again. Find the brand new Fisher-Price OEM 12-volt 9.5 amp Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler Rubicon battery. If sports cars and SUVs

Replacement Battery Applications: Wheelchair Batteries

Replacement Battery Applications: Wheelchair Batteries George Klein invented the power wheelchair to assist World War II veterans. While originally intended for those unable to use a manual wheelchair, the power wheelchair has become the choice for those with limited mobility who want more independence. The power wheelchair offers much more in terms of distances and terrain, both of which can fatigue a user and limit time spent on errands or travel. While the power wheelchair offers much more in travel options it can quickly become a hassle if the battery loses its charge. Discovering too late that a power wheelchair can no longer run is a frightening situation for any disabled person who is traveling alone and may be far from home. Just as with an automobile, power wheelchairs require maintenance and attention. It must be kept fueled with good battery

Our List of Favorite Summer Motorcycle Accessories

Our List of Favorite Summer Motorcycle Accessories Do you have a question about replacement batteries? High-Tech Battery Solutions has the answer! Should I choose disposable or rechargeable batteries? Rechargeable batteries can be used in portable consumer devices, vehicles, motorized wheelchairs, forklifts and most other battery-operated devices. They have a higher upfront cost but are reusable, so over the long term they can save you money. If you plan to use the device for a long time or will be using it frequently, rechargeable batteries make the best long-term investment. How can I tell what type of battery I need?  Remove the battery, if possible, to see what type it is. Then match it to one of the batteries at High-Tech Battery Solutions. If you are still having trouble determining what type you need, give us a call at 1-877-775-4381 or

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