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Archive for February, 2014

A Look Back: Top Rated ATVs from 2013

ATVs offer a boatload of value for the price and a variety of recreational and industrial uses. For a fraction of the cost of an automobile, you can enjoy off-road sporting and transport to the fullest with any of the following ATVs. Use this variety of some of the highest-rated all-terrain vehicles on the market to find the right fit for you. As always, proper maintenance is a must. Follow the instructions given in the owner’s manual and take good care of your ATV batteries to keep your ATV in prime condition for as long as possible. Polaris Ranger This renowned utility ATV ranks 2nd among all vehicles in its class at The Polaris Ranger comes in a variety of different models, sizes and seating, from mid-sized to full-sized to the multi-passenger Crew series. The Polaris Ranger Crew Diesel capable of

The Ultimate ATV Playlist

While you’re attacking whoops and riding razorbacks, listening to music blasting away inside your helmet can make your ATV ride an even more outstanding experience. Whether you like to rock, head bang, punk out or listen to some country while you’re muddin’, there’s a playlist for you. Keep your eyes on the road, your hand on the throttle, bear in mind safety first, and have a dependable ATV battery from Hi-Tech Battery Solutions charged and ready for the ride. Bob Marley once said, “Life is one big road with lots of signs. So when you’re riding through the ruts, don’t complicate your mind.” Unclutter your mind and remember the reasons you ride with this hardcore ATV playlist: Metallica — “Fuel” (1997) System of a Down — “Aerials” (2002) Pantera — “Shedding Skin” (1994) Linkin Park — “Numb” (2003) Motorhead — “The Game”

Replacement Battery Applications: Two-Way Radio Batteries

A two-way radio without a working battery is nothing more than an expensive piece of plastic with holes in it. In an emergency situation, when lives depend on fast, crucial two-way communication, you need batteries installed that you can depend on. Two-way radios, sometimes mistakenly called walkie-talkies, work where cell phones don’t, and when communication systems have collapsed after a catastrophic event. Two-way radios provide instantaneous communication between those sending and those receiving signals from the radios. Used by firefighters, police officers, military personnel, forest rangers, medical or security personnel, construction crews or anyone who simply wants to be able to reliably dispatch information to someone else, two-way radios require model-specific replacement batteries to ensure uninterrupted two-way communication at all times. Whether you or your company owns Kenwood, Motorola, Blackbox, Uniden, BearCom or most any other two-way radio brands, Hi-Tech Battery Solutions solves all your

Five Tips for Safely Disposing of Old Batteries

Did you know that more than 70 percent of your old battery’s weight contains reusable lead that can be recycled into lead acid. Interestingly, recycled lead in batteries account for more than 50 percent of the world’s lead supply. Because most batteries are highly combustible, you need to properly dispose your battery after a battery replacement. To ensure proper disposal of your old battery follow these tips. Don’t Toss Your Old Batteries Into a Fire: Batteries are highly combustible because of the chemicals in them. When they come in contact with fire, they can cause a deadly explosion. Accidentally throwing your old batteries into a blazing fire in your fireplace could shoot shrapnel all through your home and easily injure or kill someone. Don’t Store Old Batteries Together: Even when a battery is spent, it still contains toxic and combustible chemicals that

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