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Buying the Right Battery Charger

If you’ve owned a motorcycle more than a week, you’ve probably experienced a flat battery. If you’re considering a motorcycle battery charger, you want to get your money’s worth. Here’s what you need to know. About Motorcycle Batteries Motorcycle batteries drain as the bike sits unused. The same thing happens to car batteries, but since cars are larger (with larger batteries) and tend to be used more often, dead batteries don’t cause as many problems for drivers as they do for riders. In order to avoid a flat battery (and thus an unusable bike), it’s a good idea to hook up a battery charger when you aren’t using your motorcycle. Determining If You Need a New Battery Though a charger can fix a simple lack of power, if your battery is broken or malfunctioning, you’ll need to purchase a replacement battery.

Top Selling Motorcycle Clothing Brands

Motorcycle clothes used to be used only for functionality and only by people that actually rode or owned motorcycles, but these days almost anyone can pick up a leather jacket or a pair of motorcycle boots and wear them.  Motorcycle clothes and accessories are still functional, but they are also stylish and comfortable. Whether you need stylish motorcycle clothes for a night out or functional items for your next big ride, there are plenty of options available. Read on to learn more about some of the most popular brands of motorcycle clothes: A popular option for the best motorcycle clothing is Indian Cycles.  If you are looking for an American motorcycle company that eats, breathes and lives motorcycles, then Indian is THE brand for you.  Indian Cycles has been around since the very early 1900s and is known for offering

Top 10 Snowmobile Maintenance

If you’ve invested in a snowmobile, it’s important to keep it well maintained, before, during and after snowmobile season. No matter what time of year it is, make sure to follow these 10 maintenance tips, so you can extend the life of your snowmobile and keep it in peak condition at all times. 1. Be sure to test your snowmobile’s parts to make sure that they are in working condition before you hit the snowy trails. Test your lights, steering, throttle, track bolts, drive belt and the brakes. 2. Make sure that your snowmobile battery is fully charged and ready to go. Also, ensure that the battery cables are properly connected. 3. Lubricate your chassis at the beginning of snowmobiling season and at least a few times during the actual season. 4. At the end of the previous season you

Top Rated Standard Motorcycles for 2014

Fans of bare-naked bikes have a lot to choose from in 2014. If you like that stripped-down look and enjoy an upright, natural riding position, the New Year brings a variety of choices depending on your preferences (beyond little body work, non-existent fairings and no windscreen). If you enjoy the superior visibility provided by this category and need to get around city traffic on your work commute—these bikes are perfect. Motorcycle battery replacement couldn’t be easier when you contact High-Tech Battery Solutions. Yamaha’s Bolt R-Spec Yamaha brings a handsome, light (414 pounds) powerful, Bobber-type bike to market for ‘14. Powered b y a liquid-cooled, DOHC, four-valve engine displacing 847cc. The FZ-09 engine features the YCC-T (Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle) and Yamaha Drive Mode (D-Mode), with 3 power-delivery maps. This Yamaha produces a claimed 65 lb-ft torque at the crankshaft. The 5-speed

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