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High-Tech Battery Solutions Pricing and Billing FAQs

The time has come to make a purchase from High-Tech Battery Solutions, Inc. – congratulations! You are making a smart and responsible choice and can expect nothing but the best quality products from us. We know that a lot of questions can arise when it’s time to spend your hard earned money. Here we list out some common questions our customers may have and give you the answers you are looking for. Happy shopping! Methods of Payment and Shipping? You can choose your payment method when you check out. Your shipping is calculated and factored in automatically. Do I Have to Pay Sales Tax? You don’t have to pay sales taxes unless you’re in the same state as our warehouse. Keep in mind that this may change if state laws do, but if the law changes it will affect every online business’s

Top Ten Ways to Save Energy in Your Home

Finding ways to save energy around your home isn’t just an environmentally responsible thing to do – it’s also a way to save money! The more energy you save, the less expensive your energy bills will be. It’s a win-win situation, so why wouldn’t you make the effort to save more energy? The following are ten ways that you can begin saving energy around the home today: Unplug electronic appliances – Even if your appliances are turned off, they will absorb energy if they are still plugged in. Upgrade to more energy star appliances – While the initial cost might be more expensive, you’ll save a substantial amount by upgrading your appliances to energy star rated models, which are more energy efficient. Use LED light bulbs – LED light bulbs use less energy and last longer than typical bulbs. Turn your lights off – A

Top Rated Scooters for 2014

Electric scooter riding used to be a novelty activity restricted regionally and by the limitations of the scooters themselves. With gas prices around the world skyrocketing, buying a scooter is now a worthy investment that saves savvy buyers thousands of dollars on gas per year. Adding to this scooter boom is the improvement of scooter capabilities and the longevity provided by high-tech batteries. Below is a list of three scooters that rank high in quality, battery life, and user ratings. 2014 Honda Forza Base The 2013 model was the Outstanding Machine winner of the year and is very likely to repeat that impressive performance. It is a single cylinder vehicle, 4-strokes, continuously variable transmission. This sporty scooter lends itself to all types of city commuting with plenty of power and durability for all your stops and starts. With a 4.5 overall

Battery Disposal: Power Wheels Batteries

Everyone loves to see their kids driving around the yard, having fun in their Power Wheels.  Those adorable little sports cars, motorcycles and SUVs can keep a kid busy for quite some time.  If your Power Wheels are currently sidelined due to a weak or dead battery, it is time for a replacement battery. But do you know how to properly dispose of your old Power Wheels battery? Proper battery disposal helps your family stay safe and helps the environment.  You don’t want your toddler or dog touching or playing with a leaking battery!   Power Wheels have either a 6v or 12v sealed lead acid battery.  These are similar to the batteries in your car and because of what they contain; they can’t be thrown in a landfill like other household trash or incinerated without becoming an environmental hazard.  In fact, it

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