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Archive for July, 2014

Battery Disposal: Wheelchair Batteries

With any battery disposal it is important to do your research to ensure you are disposing of them safely, properly and legally. Power wheelchairs often contain batteries made of sealed lead, therefore it is illegal to discard them the way you might other batteries. Sealed acid-lead batteries are a 100% rechargeable, and based off a lead acid design. These batteries are designed to be maintenance free (do not require the user to add water to the cells), and spill proof. They can be mounted in any position and still operate to their full capacity without spilling a drop of acid. Most retailers that sell lead-acid batteries will collect used ones for recycling (sometimes this comes with a fee), as required by most state laws. These batteries are recycled by separating the battery into its three main components: plastic, lead and

Top Selling Brands of Motorcycle Clothes and Accessories

High quality, durable and comfortable motorcycle apparel is a must for any serious rider. Short rides and long rides are most enjoyable when you’re outfitted correctly. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to look sharp when considering the essentials, such as helmets, jackets, gloves and boots. Consider a few brands whose workmanship and style go hand in hand with the all-weather needs of motorcycle enthusiasts. Helmets Great motorcycle helmets are pricey. If you have to buy just one, focus on brands known for all-weather helmet construction that is light, reduces noise when riding, remains stable at speed and has superior ventilation schemes. At the top of a short list are Shoei, LaZer, Bell and Icon. The last two are under $200. Jackets Leather is the classic go-to, but textile comes in as a close second in terms of durability, all-purpose weather protection

Top Ten Scooter Accessories

Thoroughly enjoying the time spent on your scooter comes down to having a handful of necessary accessories. Your reliable scooter will get you where you need to go, but the appropriate accessories will make certain you get there happily and that you’ll be prepared for anything. 1. Scooter Battery Charger If you ride your scooter intermittently or if it sits around unused during colder months, then a scooter battery charger is a must. It extends the life of your scooter battery and makes certain you’re ready to roll at any time — without worries about running out of steam. 2. Scooter Cover Sheltering your parked scooter from the elements can greatly extend its appearance and longevity. Scooters are more fragile than other vehicles and require protection. Even better, scooter covers are very moderately priced. 3. Cheap Plastic Poncho Keep inexpensive

What Scooter Would be Best for You?

There are a handful of factors to consider when deciding upon the best scooter for you, including height and weight, for example. The scooter you choose should accommodate your physicality comfortably. Whether you intend to use the scooter for frequent touring, as a primary vehicle, for occasional recreation, in the city, or in the country also determines what scooter you choose. Also make sure your scooter battery is fully charged before you set off on your journey. You don’t want to end up stranded far from home. The Long and Short of It Recent polls show that tall and short people are most concerned with finding scooters that can support their frames. Scooters that are lower to the ground are easier for shorter people to get on and off of and control. A handful of these scooters include Sento by KYMCO,

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