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Archive for August, 2014

Types of Scooter Helmets

Riding a scooter requires a DOT approved helmet in most states. There is a multitude of helmet choices out there to pick from; different styles exist, ranging from the full helmet to helmets without a face shield or a chin guard. Helmets can range from as low as $30 to as much as a couple hundred dollars. While the full size helmet with both the face shield and the chin guard is ideal, it is not comfortable for every scooter owner. The full size helmet with both the face and chin protection is the safest and that should be every rider’s primary concern. While many will argue that a chin guard isn’t necessary, the face shield really is. It blocks dirt, bugs and other debris from hitting your face and eyes and will act as a barrier to protect your

Security Alarm Battery Replacement

In today’s world, being security conscious is almost second nature, especially when it comes to protecting our homes. That’s why having a security system in place that connects instantly to fire, police and emergency medical departments has become not just a popular option, but in some areas, almost a necessity. However, the security system may only be as good as the batteries used to keep the system running when the power is out. If the batteries have worn out or are weak, the security system may not provide all of the protection for the home that is expected. Granted, rechargeable batteries such as those used in most security systems will last for years. However, if a homeowner wants to stay ahead of the curve, replacing the batteries on a consistent basis as part of a maintenance plan can be the best way to maintain the best security

Best Summer Off-Roading Ideas

The summer is only beginning to rear its sunny head–bringing with it clear skies, warmer temperatures, and a desire to venture outside for some fun warm weather activities. Off-roading is one of those fun outdoor adventure ideas and can prove to be a great experience for both men and women of different ages. Regardless of vehicle choice, whether it be an ATV, UTV or truck, driving where there are no roads (and sometimes no kind of path at all), can not only be a great way to enjoy the outdoors, but also to spend quality time with friends and loved ones in an action packed and adrenaline pumping way. Consider all of the following ideas and tips when planning any off-roading excursion, no matter how big or small: Weigh the strengths and weaknesses of everyone: At the end of the day, safety

Comparing Electric Scooter Brands

Electric scooters used to be a novelty, more suited for children’s entertainment than transportation.  While they are still a lot of fun to ride, they have progressed to be a viable replacement for other forms of transportation.  Easy to use and simple to maintain, electric scooter owners reap the benefits.  But when it comes to choosing a brand, how do you decide which is the best? Schwinn Schwinn has been in business since 1895 and is known for their quality bicycles.  Their proven business model of giving customers a durable and reliable product continues with their electric scooters.  While they offer several models, most reach speeds up to 15 MPH while providing a range of up to 15 miles.  Schwinn scooter batteries can charge completely in a matter of hours, making this an ideal transportation option for work or play. Razor

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