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Archive for December, 2014

Electric Wheelchair Safety Tips

It is important to stay safe while using your electric wheelchair. Anyone using motorized equipment should learn all of the safety precautions and user instructions before making any attempts to use the application to ensure they don’t hurt themselves or others. Here we have compiled a few electric wheelchair safety tips, like having fully charged wheelchair batteries, but this does not replace the user guide for your specific application. When getting in or out of your wheelchair, make sure the power is turned off. The footplates should be removed or out of the way. When in the chair the lap belt should always be fastened. When driving the chair make sure both feet are on the foot plates to avoid them getting trapped under the wheels. Drive at a safe speed. Brakes should always be applied while stationary. Never stand

5 Ways to Go Green: Batteries and Electronics

Everyone seems to be talking about going green and different ways to make that happen. There are many things you can do to help the planet and take responsibility for a greener lifestyle. You don’t have to completely change everything you do, but even making a few small adjustments can make a major impact on the health of our planet. Buying locally grown produce or even growing some in your yard, riding your bike or walking instead of driving when possible, and recycling are just a few ways to be more eco-friendly. One of the easiest ways to go green is recycling your batteries and light bulbs. Recycle used batteries. Recycling lowers the amount of waste in our landfills and prevents harmful chemicals from contaminating soil and water. Instead of throwing your alkaline batteries in the trash, find out how

5 Facts About the New NOCO GB30 UltraSafe Lithium Battery Jump Starter

If you are debating purchasing a lithium battery jump starter [] then the NOCO GB30 UltraSafe is the ideal solution. The charger can safely jump start a dead battery in seconds, for use as a boat, motorcycle, ATV, RV, lawn mower, truck, or car jump starter and more. Here are 5 reasons why the GB30 will change the way you think about battery jump starters: Built to last. It’s powered by a High-Density NOCO Element lithium-ion battery that can hold its charge up to one year, and handle over 1,000 cycles. Bang for your buck. This battery jump starter is capable of up to 20 jump starts per charge at 400A. Safety first. The GB30 features spark-proof technology and will never spark if the positive and negative clamps come into contact with one another. It also features zero spark reverse polarity

What to Look for in a Home Security System

Purchasing a home security system is an important decision. Keeping your home and family safe should never be taken lightly, and if you are ready to make the investment it is important to get a system that is reliable and right for you. In addition to a quality system, having an extra security system battery on hand as a backup is always a good idea. Here we will share a few things to look for in a quality security system. Monitoring Options: Home monitoring services should be available 24/7 so there isn’t a second where your home is left vulnerable. Cellular or internet monitoring is best, plus a mobile app that allows you to make thermostat adjustments, turn lights on or off, and lock your doors with your phone. Alerts: Look for a service that offers alerts to notify the

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