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Archive for January, 2015

Why You Need the NOCO Battery Charger Genius G15000

If you are interested in versatile and powerful portable battery chargers, the Genius G15000 NOCO battery charger is for you. These NOCO chargers are micro-processor controlled fully automatic switch-mode battery chargers and maintainers. This robust battery charger features specialized charging modes for recovering severely drained batteries that will not accept a normal charge. This NOCO battery charger is applicable for most 12V and 24V battery capacities from 30-400Ah, for applications such as: Motorcycles ATVs UTVs Snowmobiles Jet Skis Cars RVs Boats Trucks More The G15000 NOCO battery charger is a welcome addition to the NOCO Genius line and fills in the performance gap between the G7200 series unit and the largest of the NOCO series, the G26000. There are a few key differences that set the G15000 unit apart from the rest of the Genius line, the first of which

5 Ways to Keep your Car Battery Running in the Cold

As you might already know, cold weather affects the performance of auto batteries. This is due to these batteries being filled with fluid which is mostly water and their ability to freeze in the cold weather when the battery is not completely charged. The battery’s charge acceptance is reduced along with the ability to start the engine. In order to avoid getting stranded on the road in the freezing cold with a dead battery, here are 5 ways to keep your battery strong: Invest in a battery charger. This will allow you to maintain charge levels and keep the battery in good condition. More and more people are choosing to leave their car batteries on charge with smart chargers to keep their vehicle’s battery in the best running shape. Portable battery chargers, such as the NOCO battery charger, can be

Why CTEK Battery Chargers are the Smartest in the World

The CTEK brand battery chargers are the preferred chargers for world famous automobile manufacturers. The CTEK battery charger system operates based on a sophisticated 8 step charging process which is calculated and executed for the user automatically upon hook up to a 12 Volt battery. Depending on which CTEK charger you choose, they are ideal for charging many household vehicles, including cars, water crafts, lawnmowers, tractors, RVs and more. A CTEK battery charger: Will maximize battery life Will recondition old and dead batteries Is a fully automatic charger and maintainer A few of the top CTEK batteries include: MULTI US 3300 – Versatile and compact making charging household vehicles easy. Can also charge on cold winter days without complications. MULTI US 25000 – 8-step, fully automatic primary switch mode battery charger. A powerful charger for 12V batteries that require rapid

How to Properly Store Batteries

When batteries are not being used it is important to store them properly. Responsibly stowing away alkaline batteries, rechargeable batteries and more will help extend the life of your battery as well as keep your device running properly. Here are a few guidelines to follow when storing batteries: Never leave batteries in direct sunlight or extreme temperatures (Should not go above or below 30-100 degrees F). Always store them in a cool and dry place and they should be fully charged before being stored for a long period of time. Use storage cases specifically designed to properly store batteries and aid ease of access for future use. Label which batteries are where, such as “AA Batteries” or “C Batteries” to make finding them in the future easy. It is not necessary or beneficial to store alkaline batteries in a refrigerator.

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