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Archive for February, 2015

Portable Battery Chargers for Cars, Trucks, SUVs and More

Many of us don’t give a second thought to our cars, trucks or motorcycles dying on us without warning. We are so used to these vehicles being reliable and running without interruption that thinking about having a spare motorcycle battery or a portable battery charger on hand wouldn’t even cross out minds. But what about when that day actually comes and your car suddenly dies? You could be in the middle of nowhere, stuck in a blizzard or some other unideal situation. Having a portable battery charger on hand could really be a lifesaver. We recommend multi-step, smart chargers for these scenarios. Multi-step chargers are fully automatic and go through a series of steps to determine what the battery needs and then charge it appropriately. They are capable of recovering even extremely discharged batteries while maintaining a safe level of

Get Amped Up For National Battery Day

Did you know there is a National Battery Day? It’s the birthday of the inventor of the battery, Alessandro Volta. (Volta = Volts. Who knew?) So forget Valentine’s Day, Battery Day is February 18th and we think it’s worth celebrating. Think about it: Where would we be without batteries? They charge our phones, our cars, remote controls, electric wheelchairs and so many other applications that we take for granted on a daily basis. Batteries are a huge part of our lives. Show your loved ones you really care by replacing any of these handy batteries in your household devices or vehicles. Alkaline Batteries: Alkaline batteries charge a lot of household items. These are your standard, AA, AAA and C batteries that are used for everything from remote controls to digital cameras. Motorcycle Batteries: Is your loved one due for a

How to Charge a New Battery

Think about a new and uncharged battery like a fresh baseball glove – it has to be broken in. If you purchase a battery in a discharged state it will need to be fully charged before use. Just like a glove they need a little TLC before being put to use. Because of this, having a battery charger on hand is important. You need to know that different applications call for different types of battery chargers. Battery chargers can be found by the type of application charge as well as brand, or the kind of battery they will charge. Figuring out what kind of battery charger you need shouldn’t be difficult. Motorcycles need motorcycle batteries and a charger that can handle that. Many chargers, like a Genius NOCO battery charger for example, can actually charge several different kinds of applications.

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