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Archive for May, 2015

Get Covered: Moped Insurance

Moped Battery

Mopeds are becoming an increasingly popular way to get around. Particularly in more urban areas, mopeds are seen as a great alternative method of transportation. Many insurance providers now provide moped insurance and some states even mandate that you get covered. Where you live may also determine how much moped insurance you should carry. Getting insured is an important part of driving safely. In addition to getting regular maintenance checks and having a charged moped battery, insurance is definitely something you should be thinking about if you are a moped owner. First, find out your state’s moped insurance requirements. You should know this before reaching out to your insurance provider. This information can be found at your DMV office or by calling your state’s insurance department. You can search for your local office by clicking here. Then, figure out the size

Protecting your Car Battery in the Summer Heat

Car Battery Maintenance

Are you feeling the heat? Then your car battery probably is too. Just like the deep freeze of winter, hot summer weather can also be a threat to your car battery. Excessive heat is one of the main causes of a shortened battery life. High heat can speed up the chemical reaction inside your battery, increasing self-discharge and plate corrosion and eventually leading to sulfation. Once this happens your battery cannot be recovered, even with normal charging. Avoid having this happen to you by following these tips. Get your electrical system tested. It should be charging at the correct rate; overcharging is just as likely to damage your battery as undercharging. An auto shop can usually test your battery for free. The average battery life is 3-5 years.   If your battery has water levels that need to be checked, be

Summer Storm Prep

Summer Storm

With summer comes long, hot days and lazy warm nights. The drastic change in weather is exciting for a lot of us, but it can also bring severe thunderstorms, strong winds, and even tornadoes in some areas. It is important to have a plan in place to make sure you are prepared for these more drastic weather conditions. By regularly checking the weather forecast to see when a storm is coming, in addition to having an emergency kit on hand, you should be able to face any severe weather that hits your area. Have an emergency kit prepared. You don’t want to be scrambling to get things together as a storm is in fullswing. Keep a bag packed and stowed away in your basement. Some items to include are: Flashlight Battery-operated fan Battery-operated radio to listen to weather updates Fire

Safety First: Properly Handling a Power Wheels Vehicle

Power Wheels

If your child received a Power Wheels vehicle for Christmas or the one they already have has been stowed away since last summer, they have probably been dying to take it out for a spin. The snow has finally melted and the weather is getting warm enough for them to start enjoying their favorite outdoor activities again. But before you let them take their Power Wheels out for a test drive consider some of these safety and maintenance tips. Safety Have a long talk with your child about responsibilities and rules that come along with riding their Power Wheels. Let them know they are not allowed in the street, past a certain house on the block, etc., or else they will get their toy taken away. Always keep your child in your sights. They are too busy having a blast

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