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Archive for July, 2015

Top Motorcycle Battery Replacement Brands

Motorcycle Battery

A motorcycle is a major investment. If you find yourself with a dead motorcycle battery, not just any replacement will due. You want one from a brand that is dependable. With AGM, Lithium, and Conventional motorcycle batteries you can find one that works with your bike and that you trust. Here we are breaking down some of those brands that we stand behind, and that we believe you will be happy you selected for your motorcycle. Harley Davidson – Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you are probably familiar with this line. Our Harley Davidson motorcycle battery replacement options are 100% compatible with your bike and will meet or exceed the battery’s original specifications. Find batteries ranging from 90 cc all the way up to 1803 cc. MotoBatt with Quadflex – Known as the official battery of the American

How Does a Battery Charger Work?

Are you the type of person that just enjoys knowing how things work? Maybe you’ve spent hours learning the workings of a car battery, or taken apart an old computer simply to put it back together again. Some of us prefer to understand the inner workings of the technology we rely on every day. Here we’ve decided to talk a little bit more about battery chargers, and how they work to keep our applications charged and ready to go. No matter what the application, all battery chargers have one common denominator: they operate by supplying an electric current through dead or low batteries for a length of time in order to get the cells inside the battery to retain some of the energy that is passing through them. The more advanced battery chargers, such as the CTEK battery charger, operate on

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