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Archive for August, 2015

Common Power Wheels Battery Questions

Power Wheels Battery

Choosing which Power Wheels model to purchase for your child is only half the battle. Once you have made your selection, you need a Power Wheels battery and Power Wheels charger to keep it charged, general maintenance and upkeep, and of course to always make sure the vehicle is being used as safely as possible. Your Power Wheels application should be able to run for about 45 minutes to an hour on a charged battery. However, several factors, including terrain, rider weight, gear level, and the wear and tear of the tires all play a role in the lifespan of your Power Wheels battery. We have compiled a few of the more common questions that arise when it comes to Power Wheels batteries. Which battery do I need? Power Wheels has done their best to make this fairly simple by

5 Motorcycle Safety Tips

Motorcycle Racer

Whether you are new to the world of motorcycles or an old pro, it can’t hurt to brush up on your safety knowledge before hitting the road. Reminding yourself of what can cause a crash can arm you with crash-avoidance actions, keep yourself and other riders safe, and increase your riding skills overall. ALWAYS wear safety gear. Whether you are going for a quick ride around the block or across the state, safety gear should be worn no matter what. Keep your head and eyes protected with a helmet that has a visor. Helmets are non-negotiable. Choose a leather jacket or one that is reinforced in some way, gloves (preferably ones equipped with palm sliders to protect your wrists), full pants, and footwear that goes above the ankle. This may sound like a lot for the summer months, but there is durable

Signs it’s Time to Dispose of your Battery

Old Battery

If your battery is nearing the end of its life, the signs may not be obvious. If you are unsure of what qualities to be on the lookout for, you may have no idea that a battery replacement will be in your near future. Try inspecting your SLA batteries and looking for these warning signs that indicate your batteries may be on their way out. Broken or loose terminals Bulge in the case Cracks or openings Sulfation has occurred Can’t hold a charge   In addition to taking a close look at your batteries, there are a few tests you can run to determine whether or not there is hope for your battery. In order to perform the tests recommended by, you’ll need a voltmeter and an SLA battery charger. First, test the voltage. The dial should be set

How to Jump-Start a Dead Car Battery

Jump Start Car

The dreaded dead car battery. Either you left the lights on overnight, the door slightly ajar, or your battery is simply old and has seen better days. No matter how it happens, the day you go to start your car and find your battery to be dead is inevitably a day where you are already running late or the temperatures have dropped to unbearable levels. In case this happens to you, it is important to know what to do next. You will need jumper cables and a car with a properly functioning battery. Check out your battery. At this time you’ll determine if the battery is dead, low, or has bad cable connections. Make sure that the cables attached to the car battery are still attached and not corroded. Clean corroded cables as best you can and try starting again

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