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Archive for October, 2015

4 Tips for Fall Motorcycle Riding

Fall Motorcycle

Fall is here, and thechange in season also means a change in riding conditions. As the days get shorter and the temperature gets colder, it’s important to adjust your motorcycle riding habits in order to stay safe. Before you hop on your bike this autumn, be sure to review these four tips for fall motorcycle riding. Watch out for deer. Fall means deer season, and while that may be great news for hunters, for motorcycle riders it means additional road hazards to watch out for. Deer tend to be the most active at dawn and dusk, so be especially alert while riding during these times. Scan the sides of the road as you ride to look for deer, and remember your protective gear whenever you take your bike out.   Avoid driving through leaves. Falling leaves are a telltale sign

How to Extend the Life of Your Motorcycle Battery

Motorcycle Maintenance

If you’re a motorcycle rider, you know how tough they can be on batteries. It’s easy for new or inexperienced riders to go through motorcycle batteries quickly, especially in locations that experience extreme temperatures. By following a few simple care and maintenance tips, though, you can extend your motorcycle battery life by years. Keep the battery charged. One of the best ways to get more life out of your motorcycle battery is to keep it fully charged at all times. It isn’t hard to keep your motorcycle battery charged. If you’re a daily rider, your motorcycle should do a good job of keeping the battery charged for you. If there are long periods when you don’t ride, though, keep your motorcycle on a trickle charger or invest in an automatic charger like the CTEK battery charger. Using a charger designed

ATV Etiquette for Hunters

ATV Hunting

A good ATV can be a hunter’s best friend. You can use it to explore trails, scout game, reach hunting spots that are inaccessible by truck, and haul tree stands and game. As more and more hunters begin using ATVs, though, it’s become more important than ever to practice good ATV hunting etiquette. Before you take your ATV out this hunting season, take a few minutes to review these simple tips that can ensure a great experience not only for you, but for other hunters, trail users and land owners as well. While driving your ATV, be aware of where you’re going and who’s around you. Try not to drive through another hunter’s potential line of sight on your way to your favorite hunting spots. Never drive your ATV into an area where motorized vehicles are prohibited. Not only is

4 ATV Tips for Hunters

ATV Riding

ATVs have become more and more popular among hunters over the last few decades, but hunting safely and successfully with an ATV requires skill, care, and common sense. Whether you’re new to hunting with an ATV or a seasoned pro, these four tips can help you have a safe and successful hunting season. Load oversized cargo properly. After a successful hunt, load your heavy cargo (like a field-dressed deer) onto your rear rack, as close to the┬ácenter of the ATV as possible. If you load your oversized cargo outside the frame, it can hurt your ATV’s maneuverability. When you’ve centered your cargo, be sure to strap it in place tightly using adjustable cargo straps. And remember: If your cargo is heavy enough to lift your ATV’s front end, skip loading it up altogether and opt to drag it behind your

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