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Best Power Wheels for Off-Roading This Summer

Summer is just around the corner (June 21, everybody!), in case you forgot. With summer comes BBQ, long days, ice cream, vacations, swimming, and Power Wheels. If you’re planning on using any big-name popular models for your kid’s wheels (don’t forget the associated replacement batteries), then be sure to consider your options.

Some of the choices: Big auto brands (Mustang, Jeep) vs. big toys (Barbie) vs. classic cool (Harley Davidson) vs. animated movie hot rods voiced by Owen Wilson (Lightning McQueen).

The best part about Barbie is that she dominates all the other lines. A look at Google Trends shows searches for ‘barbie power wheels’ killing Lightning McQueen and Harley Davidson in relative popularity going back to 2005. ‘Jeep power wheels’ outdoes Barbie by a little, but she also beats ‘F-150 power wheels’ and ‘mustang power wheels.’

And just like the kids, this is a woman who likes her vehicles, because nearly every style of Power Wheel mentioned above also comes in a Barbie version (links go to the batteries):

That is some serious coverage, and for all the little girls (and boys) who might be interested in Barbie Power Wheels, you have a lot to choose from. Good luck!