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Buying Power Wheels: Accessories to Consider

You know you’re ready to pony up and buy some Power Wheels for that kid in your life. Before you spring for that Dune Racer, Ford F-150, Lightning McQueen or Barbie Jeep, consider a few items that factor in to the long-term costs of owning a motorized kid-sized toy vehicle.

Things like replacement batteries, stand-alone chargers or batteries bundled with chargers all should be considered as part of a Power Wheels purchase, whether you get them up front or in an emergency after something else breaks or wears out. And not all replacement batteries and chargers are created equal. Some models will charge faster on a standard charger depending on color (grey, red, green), and the blue battery clocks in at about 30% longer for a full charge. Plus, using the grey battery on a fast charger will produce a 3-hour charge time, about 200% faster than the standard charger for a grey battery, which is still faster to charge than all the others on a standard charger.

When might you need a replacement battery?

Owners receive on average between 1-2 years’ worth of service life, but with proper maintenance can extend that window to 2-4 years. Maintenance? You mean I have to care for my battery? Well, for starters, you want to take care not to overcharge, store a dead battery, or leave the battery hooked up to the unit, to name several common mistakes. All of these things can cut your battery life in half.

Take charge of chargers

If the need for speed is great, go with the <1 lb. Quick Charger, which can revive a completely dead 12V battery in 3.5 hours. Another efficiency option is the 12-volt red battery double charger, which can charge two 6-volt red Power Wheels batteries at once. You will also find other standard chargers for 6- and 12-volt batteries in grey, red and blue. Mostly weighing 2 lbs., these chargers will get the job done.

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