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Top 10 ATV Maintenance Tips

ATVs provide hours of entertainment for the owner, but as with any kind of often-used machine, all ATVs eventually run into problems. To avoid these problems as much as you can, following proper maintenance protocol for your ATV is critical. From checking the oil to buying ATV battery replacements, this quick list of ATV maintenance tips will help your keep your ATV running strong for as long as possible. Pay attention to your oil – As with any machine with an engine, checking the oil is very important, so do so before every ride. Check the coolant – This handy liquid cools the radiator, prevents engine rust and lubricates seals, so check it regularly. Change air filters when necessary – Keep an eye on your ATV’s air filter. You never want the engine to be sucking in dirty air. Maintain that chain – Find the right

ATV Etiquette for Hunters

ATV Hunting

A good ATV can be a hunter’s best friend. You can use it to explore trails, scout game, reach hunting spots that are inaccessible by truck, and haul tree stands and game. As more and more hunters begin using ATVs, though, it’s become more important than ever to practice good ATV hunting etiquette. Before you take your ATV out this hunting season, take a few minutes to review these simple tips that can ensure a great experience not only for you, but for other hunters, trail users and land owners as well. While driving your ATV, be aware of where you’re going and who’s around you. Try not to drive through another hunter’s potential line of sight on your way to your favorite hunting spots. Never drive your ATV into an area where motorized vehicles are prohibited. Not only is

ATV Tune Up Tips


Well, you have stored away your snowmobile for the season. While the fun of cruising over the powder might be over, it’s now time to pull out the ATVs! There is a vehicle out there for us to have fun no matter what time of year it is. But before you hit the trails you should practice some of these ATV tune up tips. If you are new to ATV ownership you might want help from a professional mechanic at first, otherwise you can practice these instructions in your own garage or backyard. Check the oil. If the oil has become dark and gooey it’s due for a change. Find the drain plug at the bottom of the crankcase and drain the oil. Fill it up with fresh oil before driving. Check your ATV battery. Is it fully charged? You

The Best Gifts to Give an ATV Rider

When it comes to birthday and holiday gift ideas it can be tough to come up with something new and fresh. For the ATV enthusiast in your life, we have thought of a few ideas that no matter the budget, the ATV rider will be sure to love one (if not all) of these gift ideas. ATV Keychain Just because someone isn’t driving their ATV doesn’t mean they can’t show off their passion for it. With this, a rider can feature a keychain for their everyday vehicle, so at least they can daydream and think about riding an ATV when they have to drive their regular vehicle. Decals If the rider has a favorite brand of ATVs or professional who races the vehicle, purchasing them a decal with the brand name on it is a nice option. The rider doesn’t

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