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Finally – Introducing the CTEK Extension Cable

High-Tech Battery Solutions, Inc. has officially received its first full shipment of the new CTEK extension cable accessory, and its about damn time. The CTEK line is by far one of our most favored line of smart chargers, however they were lacking the simplest and most common sense accessory – the extension cable.   The CTEK 56-304 Comfort Connect Extension Cable Specs: Length: 8.2 Feet Compatible With: US 0.8, UC 800, US 800, Multi US 3300, MUS 4.3, Multi US 7002   The CTEK 56-304 Comfort Connect Extension Cable is perfect for extending the reach of your other CTEK accessories that have been hardwired directly to the applications battery. For example, we had a customer that was looking to hardwire the CTEK Comfort Indicator Eyelet accessory directly to his starting battery under the hood of his 1973 Plymouth Duster. The only issue he

The CTEK Multi US 3300 Charger Review

The CTEK 56-158, otherwise known as the CTEK MULTI US 3300 12-volt Smart Universal Battery Charger, is literally designed to be as intelligent as the majority of its users; in fact, this charger is both virtually indestructible and virtually idiot-proof in equal measures. Over the past few decades, most electronics have evolved to such an extent that it’s hard to imagine getting excited over the “next big thing” in universal battery chargers. However, the CTEK MULTI US 3300 marks a noteworthy exception to this rule. First, the MULTI US 3300 smart battery charger is built to maintain most types of vehicle batteries, including automobiles, ATVs, boats, lawnmowers quads, and motorcycles – pretty much anything up to 120Ah size. Therefore, the versatility factor alone makes the MULTI US 3300 an excellent investment if your household has one or more vehicles that

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