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Safety First: Properly Handling a Power Wheels Vehicle

Power Wheels

If your child received a Power Wheels vehicle for Christmas or the one they already have has been stowed away since last summer, they have probably been dying to take it out for a spin. The snow has finally melted and the weather is getting warm enough for them to start enjoying their favorite outdoor activities again. But before you let them take their Power Wheels out for a test drive consider some of these safety and maintenance tips. Safety Have a long talk with your child about responsibilities and rules that come along with riding their Power Wheels. Let them know they are not allowed in the street, past a certain house on the block, etc., or else they will get their toy taken away. Always keep your child in your sights. They are too busy having a blast

Choosing the Best Power Wheels for your Child

Planning to buy your child his or her dream car? Power Wheels offers quite the selection for kids between the ages of one and six. With a little know-how, you can pick out the perfect Power Wheels product for your child. Power Wheels products are divided into two groups: those designed for kids one and two years old and those for kids two to six years old. You’ll want to get one that fits your child now – you don’t want her to have to wait to be able to reach the gas pedal. The vehicles designed for younger tots have fun themes, like the Disney Princess Tot Rod and the DC Super Friends Batman Lil’ Quad. If your tot is more of a cool dude, he’ll appreciate the Harley-Davidson Rocker, an easy-to-ride motorcycle with realistic push-button operation. Once your

Battery Disposal: Power Wheels Batteries

Everyone loves to see their kids driving around the yard, having fun in their Power Wheels.  Those adorable little sports cars, motorcycles and SUVs can keep a kid busy for quite some time.  If your Power Wheels are currently sidelined due to a weak or dead battery, it is time for a replacement battery. But do you know how to properly dispose of your old Power Wheels battery? Proper battery disposal helps your family stay safe and helps the environment.  You don’t want your toddler or dog touching or playing with a leaking battery!   Power Wheels have either a 6v or 12v sealed lead acid battery.  These are similar to the batteries in your car and because of what they contain; they can’t be thrown in a landfill like other household trash or incinerated without becoming an environmental hazard.  In fact, it

Top 10 Power Wheels Maintenance Tips

Kids love getting in a power wheels, it makes them feel somewhat grown up and gives them a chance to explore the world of driving, without the dangers. There are some things you can do when it comes to your child’s power wheels to make sure it stays safe and working well. Power Wheels Maintenance Tips Charge the power wheels battery after each use for at least 16 hours. When the power wheels is not in use for long periods make sure you put the battery on charge at least once a week. Make sure you check the battery often for cracks, leaking liquids, or melting, if you see any of these signs replace the power wheels battery straight away. Do not store your power wheels battery in conditions such as extreme heat or cold as it may cause damage

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