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Archive for the ‘Razor Scooter Batteries’ Category

Top Rated Scooters for 2014

Electric scooter riding used to be a novelty activity restricted regionally and by the limitations of the scooters themselves. With gas prices around the world skyrocketing, buying a scooter is now a worthy investment that saves savvy buyers thousands of dollars on gas per year. Adding to this scooter boom is the improvement of scooter capabilities and the longevity provided by high-tech batteries. Below is a list of three scooters that rank high in quality, battery life, and user ratings. 2014 Honda Forza Base The 2013 model was the Outstanding Machine winner of the year and is very likely to repeat that impressive performance. It is a single cylinder vehicle, 4-strokes, continuously variable transmission. This sporty scooter lends itself to all types of city commuting with plenty of power and durability for all your stops and starts. With a 4.5 overall

The Razor MX500 Battery Upgrade Option

Does a Razor MX500 Battery Upgrade Option Exist? In short Рyes there is. The Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket runs on a 36 volt setup comprised of three (3) 12 volt sealed lead acid batteries hooked together in series.  The original equipment batteries installed in the MX500 are a standard 12 volt 12 amp hour straight from the Razor factory. The upgraded MX500 battery kit option that we offer here at High-Tech Battery Solutions, Inc. is a 12 volt 15 amp hour high rate discharge battery. So, what exactly are the benefits of switching from the standard set to the upgraded MX500 battery kit? The upgraded set will offer an extended run-time of about 20% conservatively without having any adverse affects on the electrical components of the scooter. The 12 volt 15 amp hour batteries will also be the same

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