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Replacement Battery Applications: Sealed Lead Acid Batteries

In less than a generation, many of the mechanical and electronic devices on which Americans historically have relied have been replaced or improved by digital technology. Typewriters became word processors, which became tablet computers and smart phones. Cars today carry more on-board computing power than the Apollo spacecraft of the 1960s and 70s. The pace at which our devices and machines are becoming more sophisticated and powerful seems to accelerate by the week. Despite these advances, one thing remains the same: the demand for sources of portable, reliable electric power. While there have been significant advances in rechargeable battery technology in recent years, one type invented over a hundred years ago – the sealed lead acid battery – remains among the most popular of all replacement batteries. Because of their ability to produce a relatively high surge current in relation

10 Tips for Purchasing Replacement Batteries

10 Tips for Purchasing Replacement Batteries These days, anyone knows how to find a good car battery. But really, that’s about as far as it goes. Motorcycle/ATV batteries and especially those you’ll find in scooters and power-chairs are still one of life’s unsolved mysteries…. until now. Plug into these ten great tips, and purchasing your next battery will be easy as pie: Your first step is always to look at what kind of battery you have right now. It doesn’t matter what it is, motorcycle or electric wheelchair – you should look at this battery and do your best to snag one of the same kind. Know what type of battery you’re looking for. For example, maintenance-free motorcycle batteries seal after they’re filled and cut down on water loss, while AGM batteries need changed much less frequently and are often used

What Are Sealed Lead Acid Batteries?

What Are Sealed Lead Acid Batteries? If someone asked you what was the first rechargeable battery ever made, would you know? Probably not. It’s lead acid, in case you were wondering. Batteries seem like such a modern invention. And yet batteries have been in use for over 150 years, long preceding almost all the pieces of technology that require batteries to function today. Sealed lead acid batteries run big vehicles like cars, motorcycles, boats and ATV’s, as well as medical equipment, wheelchairs and emergency lighting. What is a Sealed Lead acid Battery? Sealed lead acid batteries are a bit of a misnomer, since no battery can ever be 100 percent sealed. It denotes the fact that a valve has been added to control venting of gases. There are a few different types, including: • Valve-regulated lead acid (VRLA) • Absorbent glass

How to Recycle Your Old Batteries

How to Recycle Your Old Batteries It’s OK to admit it. When you’ve finished using batteries, you’ve tossed them in the trash. Since the Mercury-Containing and Rechargeable Battery Management Act of 1996, it’s safer to throw away many kinds of batteries. And lots of people do it. Each year, Americans toss out 180,000 tons of batteries. Since most of these are single-use, there really ought to be a better way. Why put your old batteries with yesterday’s garbage when you can safely recycle them? Every battery you recycle is a battery that doesn’t sit forever in a landfill. What to Recycle You may be surprised how many devices and machines you have in your home that run on batteries. Wet-cell batteries run machines like cars, ATVs and motorcycles. Dry-cell batteries are used in small appliances, equipment and toys. There are

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