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A Quick History of High-Tech Battery Solutions

The modern battery is a very important tool used by millions of people around the world to help accomplish both small and big jobs around the home, business and in a variety of different situations and environments. High-Tech Battery Solutions Inc. is committed to providing the highest quality replacement batteries available with the longest warranties to meet our customers’ ever growing battery driven devices needs. Along with providing the best quality product available, we provide excellent customer service. Through our strong relationships with the highest quality battery manufacturers in the world today, our unmatched dedication to customer service and satisfaction, and extremely competitive pricing, we will meet and exceed our customers’ expectations on service, quality, and pricing. We have all the replacement batteries you need, including the toughest ones to find! Below we talk about the batteries available at High-Tech Battery

Tips and Tricks for Using your Two-Way Radios

Whether you’re using your two-way radios for business purposes, to keep in contact with family at a large event, or for any other personal or professional reason, there are a few tips that can help you get the most from your two-way radios while also abiding by some tried and true rules of the road. Keep it Simple – People are often surprised by the high quality of two-way radios, but that doesn’t mean you should necessarily treat it like it’s a telephone. Keep your messages short and to the point. This ensures that the person on the other end will clearly understand what you’re saying. Privacy? What’s That? – Remember that when you’re communicating on the open radio waves, there is no privacy. Does this mean someone is likely listening in? No, that’s quite unlikely. But it does mean

How to Choose the Right Two-Way Radios

Choosing the right two-way radio for you is a trickier than you may imagine. Often, many people will put little thought into it and just purchase the cheapest set of radios they can find. These devices may work well for a short time, but like all cheap electronics they are bound to fail. Instead of opting for the value option and ending up with only one working half of your two-way radio solution after a few weeks, take a little bit of time to shop around and consider your needs. Staying Powered What good is a two-way radio without a power source? Most two way radios will either use AA or AAA batteries as a power source or their own rechargeable batteries. Depending on your usage, a cheaper radio using AA or AAA batteries will cause you to spend a

Best Selling Two-Way Radio Brands

The best-selling two-way radio brands deserve their place in the sun; they have consistently supplied public safety, business, military, and government personnel with durable, dependable communication devices over the years. Analog and more recently, digital two-way radios, keep the lines of communication open even in harsh, remote areas of the world. Lives depend on properly functioning radios in emergency situations or in areas where workers could face potentially dangerous situations. Without reliable batteries, two-radios simply can’t operate, and field operations are no place for dead two-way radios. Fortunately, Hi-Tech Battery Solutions is your proven online source for two way radio batteries, replacement batteries, battery replacements aplenty to fit all the best-selling two-way radio brands. Leading Two-Way Radio Brands Tough jobs call for tough two-way radios. Some of the best-selling brands that offer the reliability required in hard-used radios include: ICOM Motorola BearCom Kenwood BlackBox GE/Ericsson Harris Datron

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