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Replacement Battery Applications: UPS Battery Backups

If you’re a doctor at a hospital, you need access to health information to save the lives of your patients during a natural disaster. If you’re a small business owner, you need to protect your business during a blackout. If you’re a salesman working on a big sales presentation, you need to protect your work during power surges. No matter the situation, when a power outage or power surge hits, a UPS battery backup unit ensures your database, computer server, or other important electrical equipment works during a power outage or power surge. UPS battery backups provide emergency power to your electrical equipment when the power fails. They also ensure a consistent electricity flow to your electrical equipment. An inconsistent electricity flow can damage your equipment. Your UPS battery backup is only as good as the battery inside your backup

Replacement Battery Applications: RBC Batteries

Tired of wasting money on new batteries?  Rechargeable batteries have become a very popular choice over conventional non-rechargeable batteries. Although the upfront cost is higher than that of a regular battery, overtime a rechargeable battery ends up saving a lot of money. Instead of just throwing the battery out when it runs out of energy, it just needs to be placed on a battery charger.  Once it is through charging, it will be like new. The process can be done many, many times and that it that it how it becomes a real money and time saver. RBC batteries are being used now in many different industries and in many different products.  They are being used in: Car starters, Vehicles such as motorized wheelchairs, Motorcycles, Golf carts, and Electric forklifts And more! They are also used in portable consumer devices, tools,

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