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Best Summer Off-Roading Ideas

The summer is only beginning to rear its sunny head–bringing with it clear skies, warmer temperatures, and a desire to venture outside for some fun warm weather activities. Off-roading is one of those fun outdoor adventure ideas and can prove to be a great experience for both men and women of different ages. Regardless of vehicle choice, whether it be an ATV, UTV or truck, driving where there are no roads (and sometimes no kind of path at all), can not only be a great way to enjoy the outdoors, but also to spend quality time with friends and loved ones in an action packed and adrenaline pumping way. Consider all of the following ideas and tips when planning any off-roading excursion, no matter how big or small: Weigh the strengths and weaknesses of everyone: At the end of the day, safety

Should You Buy a UTV?

For some, a utility task vehicle (UTV) may be a better choice than an all-terrain vehicle (ATV). While both vehicles are built to travel over rough terrain, there are some differences to consider before investing in one or the other. UTV versus ATV Both vehicles feature tires and suspension systems that are meant to withstand abuse from off-road traveling. They also have a low center of gravity that provides additional stability. However, when you look at the two, you will first immediately notice a main difference with how riders sit in the vehicle. On an ATV, riders will straddle a seat that is more like a saddle and in many cases only one rider can be on the vehicle. On a UTV, bench or bucket seats are provided for its riders in a side-by-side fashion, hence its nickname “side by

Should You Buy a UTV?

Are you trying to figure out if a UTV is right for you? A utility task vehicle (UTV) is a four wheel off-road style vehicle that seats between 2 and 6 people. They are also commonly referred to as side by side vehicles and recreational off highway vehicles (ROVs). UTVs typically operate on lithium batteries which can be found at High-Tech Battery Solutions. A UTV is the ideal means of transportation for people who need to haul a good amount of cargo when driving off road without a trailer. They have spacious rear cargo holds that an ATV doesn’t have. ATVs typically only have a small amount of storage space on the vehicle. So, if you have to move something like weed whackers, chainsaws or other moderate sized equipment, a UTV is right for you. UTVs have truck style cabs

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