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Battery Disposal: Wheelchair Batteries

With any battery disposal it is important to do your research to ensure you are disposing of them safely, properly and legally. Power wheelchairs often contain batteries made of sealed lead, therefore it is illegal to discard them the way you might other batteries. Sealed acid-lead batteries are a 100% rechargeable, and based off a lead acid design. These batteries are designed to be maintenance free (do not require the user to add water to the cells), and spill proof. They can be mounted in any position and still operate to their full capacity without spilling a drop of acid. Most retailers that sell lead-acid batteries will collect used ones for recycling (sometimes this comes with a fee), as required by most state laws. These batteries are recycled by separating the battery into its three main components: plastic, lead and

Comparing Electric Wheelchairs…Which is Right for You?

There’s no one size fits all solution for wheelchairs — what’s right for you depends heavily on how you plan to use your chair, and how often. When you’re choosing your powered wheelchair, consider these points interest: Learn the Types There are three basic types of powered wheelchairs: front-wheel drive, mid-wheel drive, and rear-wheel drive. There are pros and cons to each drive system, and the choice is possibly one of the most important. If you’re not sure which is best for you, this is an area in which your doctor or therapist may be able to give you the best advice. Mid-wheel drive systems are usually the best for maneuverability, but may provide a less smooth ride. Some wheelchair users consider front-wheel system a must-have if they encounter a lot of obstacles. Consider the Size When choosing your wheelchair, make

Tips and Tricks for Using your Electric Wheelchair

If you are using an electric wheelchair to get around, it may seem like the operating information is pretty straightforward. But there are actually many safety tips to know before using a new wheelchair, some of which you may not know about. Here are the things to look for when using yours: -If you are using an electric wheelchair, you will want to shut off the power before getting into the chair. Make sure you keep the feet plates out to the side and don’t position them or power on the chair until you are fastened in. The same is true about getting out of the wheelchair. -There is a speed control and direction control that you will have to master before using the chair in public; you don’t want to be going too fast through traffic. There’s also a

Getting Familiar with Your Wheelchair

When you consider that your wheelchair is one most reliable vehicle you will be using, it makes sense that you want it to be as responsive and reliable as your car or even motorcycle. There is nothing like being stuck with no means of transportation when batteries go dead on you. That is why when it comes to wheelchair replacement batteries you take care in not selecting generic batteries. You know the old adage, “You get what you pay for.” So make certain that you familiarize yourself with top brand replacement wheelchair batteries so that you are never left waiting for assistance in moving about. One of the foremost experts in the field just happens to be High-Tech Battery Solutions. With years of professional expertise and service you can be certain that any confusion and questions that you have will be cleared

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