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Finally – Introducing the CTEK Extension Cable

High-Tech Battery Solutions, Inc. has officially received its first full shipment of the new CTEK extension cable accessory, and its about damn time. The CTEK line is by far one of our most favored line of smart chargers, however they were lacking the simplest and most common sense accessory – the extension cable.


The CTEK 56-304 Comfort Connect Extension Cable Specs:

  • Length: 8.2 Feet
  • Compatible With: US 0.8, UC 800, US 800, Multi US 3300, MUS 4.3, Multi US 7002


The CTEK 56-304 Comfort Connect Extension Cable is perfect for extending the reach of your other CTEK accessories that have been hardwired directly to the applications battery. For example, we had a customer that was looking to hardwire the CTEK Comfort Indicator Eyelet accessory directly to his starting battery under the hood of his 1973 Plymouth Duster. The only issue he had with the setup was that he would have to pop the hood to hook the charger up to the quick disconnect accessory. In order to eliminate this inconvenience we were able to connect the CTEK Comfort Connect Extension Cable to the Indicator Eyelet and pull the extension cable through the cars firewall to rest underneath his steering column with plenty of slack. Now all he has to do in order to charge his battery durring the winter months or after a long drive is roll the driver side window down!


The CTEK Extension Cable is only one of many different versatile CTEK accessories out on the market today. The only thing that was left to be desired was an LED indicator on the charger end of the cable. It would be ideal when you are using the cable to extend the reach of an accessory that you would not normally of convenient access to in order to check the charge level of the battery. Who knows though – CTEK is usually pretty quick to catch on, we are just happy we have this accessory available now  – no more rigging up our own :).


“Finally – Introducing the CTEK Extension Cable” has 3 Comments

  1. In the event of a CTEK smart battery charger being located away from the vehicle, the new 2.5 metre Comfort Connect Extension Cable provides the extra reach required. The Cable is suitable to use with all CTEK chargers up to 10A and multiple cables can also be connected together to provide a longer extension.

  2. I’ve just bought a CTEK charger and this extension cable is a useful addition. I don’t have room for my car in the garage so have to charge the battery outside. I do have access from the house to garage and this extension cable allows me to have the charger in the garage where I can monitor the state of charge and the cable goes under the door to the car. The cable and connecting plugs are very high quality and it’s good value.

  3. gold price says:

    Pity Ctek doesn’t include this connector with their excellent chargers rather than it being an optional extra, but I guess different buyers have different requirements. I find my mileage has dropped in recent years, so thanks to short winter journeys and periods of no use, my battery was letting me down more and more often. Not any more. Thanks to my Ctek charger and cigar lighter cable I can easily keep the battery topped up.First time I charged my Astra’s battery using the cigar lighter socket I was nervous due to the GM’s warnings about the potential for computer damage, but my fears were unfounded, and I now charge without a second thought.Useful Tip:Often I want to charge up the car whilst it is on the drive. Had problems closing the car’s door on the charger’s mains cable as it is too thick. After some thought, I bought a 10 metre cigar lighter extension cable. Car door easily closes on the 12 volt (thinner) cable. Found my 10 metre cable on Ebay (Excellent seller excalibar123 makes cables up to custom lengths!). Ctek are missing a trick here – they should extend their accessory range!