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How to Choose the Best Motorcycle Battery Charger

When it comes to your motorcycle, you want the best quality battery and battery charger. There are a lot of chargers on the market, all meant to combat various problems. When you’re searching for your next motorcycle battery charger, think about these things because making a purchase:

Brand Quality

As with all products, there are certain brands whose chargers have better performance than others. While some brands might boast lower prices, you want to make sure your battery is going to perform well and will last long. We at High-Tech Battery Solutions recommend CTEK, NOCO, and Deltran. These brands boast chargers that contain microprocessor controlled cycles, leading to the longevity of the battery itself. They also are designed to avoid sulfation, one of the most common causes of wear on motorcycle batteries. Purchasing a smart charger will help your battery last longer and let you avoid having to repurchase a new battery and charger.


Where you live and use your bike is going to help determine what type of battery charger you should buy. If your home area’s temperatures get to freezing often, you might want to look into purchasing one like the CTEK Polar, which has adapted cables meant to withstand temperatures down to -22 F. Likewise, if you live somewhere near water, or somewhere with a lot of rain, you can look into something like the Deltran Waterproof 800 charger. That battery in particular boasts all-around toughness, with the waterproof casing protecting from shock and flames.

Specific Processes

Phones and watches aren’t the only tech that is smart nowadays. Motorcycle battery chargers have been developed to be more intelligent too, with processes becoming refined to increase battery performance. For example, Reconditioning is a part of CTEK’s charging process that involves desulfation, reinvigorating battery acid, and float phasing at the end of the charging cycle to avoid over-charging the battery. NOCO, on the other hand, has a charger that charges 2x as fast but is still smart enough to avoid over-charging, with an intuitive display for the user to easily check progress. Looking into these design features could help you find the best charger to fit your needs.

Check out our stock of motorcycle battery chargers, our replacement motorcycle batteries, or feel free to call us toll free to talk to a technician who will be happy to help you find what you need.