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Top 10 ATV Maintenance Tips

ATVs provide hours of entertainment for the owner, but as with any kind of often-used machine, all ATVs eventually run into problems. To avoid these problems as much as you can, following proper maintenance protocol for your ATV is critical. From checking the oil to buying ATV battery replacements, this quick list will help your keep your ATV running strong for as long as possible.

Pay attention to your oil – As with any machine with an engine, checking the oil is very important, so do so before every ride.

Check the coolant – This handy liquid cools the radiator, prevents engine rust and lubricates seals, so check it regularly.

Change air filters when necessary – Keep an eye on your ATV’s air filter. You never want the engine to be sucking in dirty air.

Maintain that chain – Find the right kind of lubricant for your vehicle’s chain, and apply it often. Inspect, adjust and lubricate before every ride.

Check your radiator cap – Your ATV’s radiator cap significantly affects the coolant within the vehicle’s engine. Make sure it maintains a proper seal.

Consider a spark plug replacement every six months – New spark plugs will give your engine a fresh boost, and they should only cost you $10 or $15.

Check the tires’ air pressure – A smart ATV owner keeps an air tire pressure gauge with him/her on every ride.

Keep an eye on the electrical wiring – Noticing and replacing nicked or chafed wires before they malfunction could save you loads of trouble in the future.

Inspect your ATV before every ride – Before you hit the road, always check the nuts and bolts for any added-on accessories, and be sure to have all the necessary repair tools with you during your ride.

Follow proper ATV battery maintenance – Always keep a persistent eye on your ATV’s battery. To save cash in the driving offseason, consider hooking your battery to a trickle charger. It’s also wise to keep some backup batteries at the ready. Check out the High-Tech Battery Solutions blog for more tips and info on ATV replacement batteries.

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